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tv   NBC10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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democratic national convention. and even with hillary clinton poised to make history, bernie sanders still says he will take his campaign to the convention. the convention opens seven weeks from now on july 25th. after a long and drawn out race, hillary clinton is hoping to unify the fractured party before then. lauren spent the day speaking to democratic officials. lauren, what are they saying? >> well the democratic national convention committee has actually been talking to both the hillary clinton campaign and the bernie sanders campaign, there are certain things that the nominee will get to choose. i'm going to run down some of those for you in just a moment. but first, we have a sneak peek at a video hillary clinton will show supporters tonight as she kicks off the next phase of her campaign. >> if america is going to lead, we need to learn from the women of the world. >> the video tracks a journey for women, activists, and hillary clinton. it's what supporters will see tonight, as clinton marks
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history becoming the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party. >> i hope you can be the first woman president of the whole united states. >> for clinton, the next big step on the journey will be here in philadelphia to accept that nomination. it will be her convention, just as it was barack obama's back in 2008 in denver. we're learning new details about what the clinton campaign is expected to influence at the wells fargo center. the nominee will work with the committee on programming, including who speaks and when. on entertainment and musical acts the design of the stage, and theme they might want each day. and expect to see new york delegates with a good view. traditionally, the presidential and vice presidential nominee states get prime spots. >> how many have you been to? >> i think it's about eight. >> longtime clinton supporter marion will be there, this time as a superdelegate who has been on the long journey with the presumptive nominee. >> this is march 25th, 2008.
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>> she remembers even further back when hillary clinton was the wife of a governor from arkansas. >> she has that fire, that fervor, and she cares about people, and she wants to make a difference. that's why i think she can get to where we are today. >> now, one big unknown for the convention here will be how bernie sanders and his supporters will be involved. and what their reaction will be. live in south philadelphia, i'm lauren mayk. >> thank you. primary season coming to a close, but there is proof that people in pennsylvania will be seeing a lot of candidates in the coming weeks and months. today the presumptive democratic nominee announced she'll be back in pennsylvania on tuesday for a campaign stop in pittsburgh. this will be one of the key states in deciding the next president, but there are still a few more primaries voters
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casting their ballots in california, montana, new mexico, and the dakotas as well as new jersey. still time in the garden state. polls close throughout the state at 8:00 p.m. that means less than two hours of voting time left. >> governor chris christie cast a ballot this morning in norris county. the governor and his son are delegates for trump. presumptive gop nominee tapped christie to head his transition team should he win in november. christie endorsed trump earlier this year after ending his own bid for the white house. another big race at stake in our area today, the democratic ticket for the first congressional district. donald norcross is defending his seat against alex law. norcross voted this morning. the winner of the democratic race will face republican bob patterson who is running unopposed in november. for complete coverage and for up to the minute primary results tonight, tap the nbc10 app and
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on nbc10 news at 11:00 for a wrap of all the local races. >> depending on where you live, you step outside today, we're tracking showers all over the area. you see them on the first alert radar. chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz joins us now. >> some rain out there tonight. >> the worst of it, though, has already moved offshore, and the rest of it is weakening as the sun starts to go down. and that means we're going to have a mainly dry evening. look at what's happened to this line of showers, zipped through atlantic city and is now 20-plus miles offshore. that's how fast this is moving. we have the rain now that is finally reached lewis and georgetown and seifert. that's knocking the temperature down. been in the mid-80s all afternoon. seifert did get a fairly heavy
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shower, but it did weaken just before it hit the southern portion of delaware. as we go through the evening, we're going to be very little in the way of precipitation, and it's going to be a pretty delightful night, as temperature holding around 70 degrees. by tomorrow morning, it's 60 and sunny. but it's not going to stay sunny all day tomorrow. down to 55 degrees tomorrow morning. lehigh valley, 57. delaware, 59. jersey shore, still having some clouds left over, but we're going to see showers tomorrow, and then the warm-up is coming. we'll see what's ahead and the weekend in a few minutes. now, to new video of a little boy who was shot in his own house while his mom made dinner. tonight, his mother is taking us through the terrifying ordeal. >> i think i'm shot. i see blood. i couldn't find a hole or
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nothing. and little mark said, no, i'm shot. >> sky force 10 was over the family's home in chester late last night after the boy was hit by a bullet. nbc10's tim furlong spoke to the boy's family and joins us. tim, hard to believe this happened to a 5-year-old. >> yeah, that's right. they're saying what you're going to be thinking what you see this video and story, that this boy is absolutely lucky to be alive, and only nbc10 was invited to the hospital to speak with both mom and dad to hear exactly what happened. >> it's tough to hear mark say he's feeling better on this cell phone video from his hospital bed. the 5-year-old wants everyone to know he's going to be okay, which itself is a pretty amazing thing. >> extremely loving. >> last night as mark's mom and dad were making snacks in the kitchen -- >> shots ripped through. >> a back and forth shooting broke out behind their home in this public housing neighborhood. >> gun fight. boom, boom, pow, pow, pow. whole lot of that.
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>> looked to the front, we sheltered the kids. >> mom yanked him down with her, but he was hit by a bullet that came through the kitchen window. >> i turned him around and he had a hole in his chest. >> they called 911, kept mark calm talking about his upcoming birthday. paramedics rushed him to the hospital. mom yanked him down at just the right time and angle. the bull went into his arm instead of his heart or spine. mark is going to be okay physically, but he's scared to go back home. mom doesn't blame him. she says that part of chester is now beyond dangerous. kids can't play outside, the shootings stop. >> it's always something. these people don't care. they don't care. they don't have to answer to nobody. it's ridiculous. and it keeps going on and on and on. >> and police really haven't said much at all about their investigation. the family says doctors are still trying to figure out how to get the bullet dislodged. mark should be able to leave the hospital tomorrow and his family is going to go back to doing what they have been doing, lobbying to move to a different
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public housing neighborhood. live in chester, tim furlong, nbc10 news. >> tim, thank you. >> new information on the kidnapping and shooting of a pizza delivery in southwest philadelphia. police are searching for two armed robbers who called in the fake pizza order. the victim is a driver for chillin pizza on elmwood avenue. he was dropping off an order last night when two men kidnapped him in his own car, demanded cash, and then shot him in the back of the head. the suspects took off with $60. the victim crawled away, dialed 911. the victim's family says he moved here from ghana and worked as a deliver driver to provide for his family. >> the only thing we're here is to make a living. >> the victim is now undergoing surgery. his family is thankful he survived. >> buying beer and wine in pennsylvania could soon get easier. a bill allowing wine sales in
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supermarkets, delis, bars, restaurants is now on governor wolf's desk for approval. state lawmakers voted to expand sales this afternoon. the bill also makes it official for beer sales in convenience stores. as always, you can only buy hard liquor in pennsylvania state stores. officials with the st. charles mayo say the seminary's future could be in jeopardy. the operation in a new location, no final decision has been made. they say potential options could be carefully studied and reviewed. >> now to the tile of congressman trial chaka fattah. today, his former chief of staff in washington, d.c. was back on the stand. she said it looked bad that the fattahs allegedly kept a poersce in their garage two years after it was sold to a co-defendant in the case. he's accused of bribing the griszman to get an appointment.
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she also toiched the congressman's daughter was a paid fund-raiser for his campaign and she received a $10,000 bonus for her role. >> sky force 10 over a school bus that crashed during a field trip. it had unknown engine problems this morning and slowed down along i-78 in easton, northampton county. the driver of a fedex tractor trailer tried to drive around the bus but side swiped it and then hit a tanker trailer. five students from the high school in new jersey had minor injuries, the students were on their way to a park. >> now for a check of traffic, we have lanes closed. things you need to know about on the delaware memorial bridge tonight. two westbound lanes shut down for about the next two hours. replacing the wire that connects the bridge deck with the suspension cable. this is part of the emergency repairs that forced the bridge to partially shut down for three days back in april. from our delaware bureau,
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police have arrested an accused serial robber after they say he locked himself out of his own getaway car. that happens. this man is charged with five armed robberies. police say all of these crimes happened in new castle county in the last few weeks. they claim rosoddo robbed a back in wilmington yesterday, but when he tried to leave, he realized he locked himself out of his own car. he ran away, but police eventually caught him. next on nbc10 news at 6:00, jamming in with a jackpot in sight. what lured all these people to a local casino today that's long deserted. >> plus, tracking showers. most of them have gone for the evening, but there's more coming tomorrow. i'll have the timing of that next in your neighborhood weather forecast.
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it's been a while since this many people poured into the showboat in atlantic city. they lined up early today looking for jobs now that they know the casino will be reopening its doors. the job fair followed last week's annoyanuncement that the showboat would be back in business. >> this was the first time
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inside formany since walking out when they lost their job years ago. we have the story from a.c. >> when the doors of opportunity opened at showboat this afternoon, jimmy returned to his comfort zone. >> it's like coming back to mother. >> o'dowd was a buffet server at showboat for 20 years until the property closed in 2014. now he's hoping to work here again. >> hopefully to be part of a new showboat project, and it's exciting. >> more than 1,000 people lined up outside the former mardi gras casino. each trying to land one of the 210 positions showboat needs to quickly fill for its rebirth early next month. >> got my resume, well dressed, hopefully i walk out with a job. >> old players club counters became interview stations for a job fair today. new owners are set to reopen showboat with more than 850 hotel rooms and at least two
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restaurants, but no casino. >> there's a need for the showboat again. >> management tells me they expect to take hotel reservations within the next two weeks. rates, they say, will be competitive. >> we'll be really pricing along with the folks at the nongaming tells, and we keep very close tabs on that. >> jimmy o'dowd has been emed since the shutdown, but he says there's still no place like s w showboat. >> this is my dream to be back here. >> the showboat will begin making job offers tomorrow and some of these folks will start working here as soon as monday. in latic city, ted greenberg, nbc news. >> nice at the shore for most of the day. got a brief heavy shower, and now it's gone. and now most of the rest of the showers are gone as well. let's head down and you can see
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how far offshore that rain has gone. at least the heavier stuff. we have a little bit of light rain at cape may. wildwood has started to clear out, and the rest of the shore is doing fine. southern delaware still getting the last of it. georgetown getting rain. lewis, but this area has really weakened in the last hour. so rain is not all that heavy. we have some more disturbances back to the west. that's going to help trigger some of those showers that i'm talking about for tomorrow. the sun is coming back out. everywhere except at the shore, and the temperatures jump back up, into the mid-70s in philadelphia and delaware, lehigh valley. they got knocked down into the 60s while it was raining. so it's back up to 76 degrees in harmony hills. 75 in wilmington. they were dropping to the mid-60s. middletown, 78 degrees. still warm in parts of southern
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delaware, like bethany beach, haven't seen the rain yet, but got knocked down in georgetown, ten degrees in the last half hour. we have more showers coming in. coming in on wednesday. different timing with this. instead of coming in during afternoon, these are coming in in the morning. see how dry it is during the night tonight. morning rush, no problem. here come the showers. lehigh valley, berks county,er county first. before noon, in through the philadelphia area. trenton, down to wilmington, and then toward noon, toward the shore, there we are. by afternoon, rr already clearing out. but it's windy tomorrow and colder than it was during the day today. and you can see your own seven-day forecast at the bottom of joyour screen, see how much colder it's going to be. a cold change coming tomorrow.
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the official high today was 83. the rain stopped it from gettingen warmer. only 72 degrees tomorrow. 76 degrees on thursday. and the wind is going to be strong. sustained winds, 20 to miles per hour tomorrow afternoon, and the neighborhoods tomorrow, 71 at fox chase. 70 in lansdale. again, the thunderstorms come in the morning. galloway, noontime, rehoboth beach and dover may not get it at all. and the forecast as we go into the rest of the afternoon, we're going to see temperatures into the 70s tomorrow, near 80 on friday. warming up saturday, but some late-day thunderstorms not going to last that long. >> all right, hurricane, when does doug pederson think a big contract will get done, and while jordan hix is hungry and motivat
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motivated. eagles mandatory mini camp day one is next.
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i'm john clark from comcast sportsnet. eagles mini camp started today. everyone is present and accounted for here is fletcher, he skipped the workouts the last two month. the eagles coaches are going to bring him along slowly this week. he was limited. fletcher released a statement saying he's happy to be back, but negotiations on his contract will be kept private. fletcher is waiting on a new deal. listen to coach doug pederson. he believes it will be done
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soon. >> i'm just hoping it's done. m line, let's get it done and let's get in here. he wants to be here. he misses the guys. you can tell. i'm fully confident something will be done before camp. i was happy he was back, had a chance to visit with him yesterday and tell him how excited i was. i understand voluntary process, the whole soph season, but we're excited to get him here this week. >> there's darren sproles. he participated more than fletcher did. doug pederson said darren will have a big role in the offense. the role will be extensive and they will him around a lot. receiver reuben randall was limited, but he was out there today, just two weeks after having gallbladder surgery. take a look at jordan hicks. he also limited, recovering from a quad injury. he says it's nottious. he's looking forward to taking over as the birds middle linebacker on a full-time basis. he missed the second half of his rookie season and the defense fell off without him. he is hungry.
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>> i'm ready to get out there. i'm excited. >> phillies facing the cubs again. it's old-school night. ryan howard and ruizare in the lineup. howard is going to start. tommy is hitting .375 over six starts and two homers. ryan is batting .09 over the past two weeks. he's nearing a decision, and that probably will mean tommy joseph being the everyday starter. >> without question, he's going to be playing a lot more because of the way he swung the bat since he's arrived. and it's only fair to him and only fair to the team. >> brett brown and bryan colangelo of the sixers are
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meeting in europe. we'll be right back.
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nbc10 and nbcuniversal are giving away grants to local nonprofit organizations. we call it 21st century solutions, for nonprofits implementing new and innovative programs. the application is on our website, the deadto apply, august 26th. >> the rain came in and disappeared. >> out of here. >> bye-bye. >> famous sports kster used to say. tomorrow, coming back in. tomorrow, storms are going to come in the morning. generally late morning before noontime. and then maybe a little bit of hail with it. cool wind. winds gusting up over 30 miles per hour. really nice weather thursday and warming up for the weekend. >> thank you so much. for all of us here at nbc10, i'm keith jones. >> i'm ln london.
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the news continues with nbc nightly news. we'll see you back here at 11:00 tonight. have a good evening. tonight, making history. hillary clinton the first woman presumptive nominee to lead a major party. as high drama remains, and bernie sanders doesn't appear to be going anywhere. what he told me late today. also, major republicans slam trump. a gop senator unendorses him as paul ryan calls trump's attacks on the judge, quote, the textbook den nigs of a racist comment. olympic surprise as zika fears grow, officials in rio say the number of cases dropping fast. but serious concerns remain especially for pregnant women. and the false alarm about nfl commissioner roger goodell that sent people scrambling today. the nfl hacked in the latest in a string of major names to fall


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